FoamLINK Double Sided Adhesive Foam Tape

Available in various thickness’ 0.5mm to 3mm.
The Foamlinks are a range of double sided PE (Polyolefin) Foams. A broad based range, comprised of several thickness, density and adhesive class combinations. The closed cell nature of the foams we use, provide very good sealing, gap filling and gasketing qualities.
Suitable Applicaitons:
  • Auto badges
  • Bodymould
  • Security glazing
  • Panel glazing
  • Window muntin bars
  • Polycarb roofing systems
  • Point of sale
  • Assembly pads.
Additional Features:
  • High quality products, utilising medium and high density, polyolefin foam carriers.
  • Closed cell foam provides good sealing and thermal conductivity figures.
  • High adhesive deposition ensures a good balance between high adhesion and cohesion.
  • Broad based, core product range.
  • Unique solvent free adhesive technology, provides high environmental resistance.