Adhesive Tapes Market Segments

Biolink in Australia sell it’s Environmentally Friendly Adhesive tape range to wide diversified areas of the market.

In many instances Biolink’s High Performance Tapes are replacing rivets, welds and mechanical fixings. Our Environmentally Friendly tapes provide a clean, time and cost effective alternative to mechanical fixings.

Market sectors using Biolink Tapes

Aerospace Tape
Aerospace Industry
Automotive and Transport
Automotive & Transport
building and construction
Building & Construction
Display and Point of Sale
Display & Point of Sale
Foam Lamination Industry
Foam Lamination


Nameplate and Decals
Decals & Nameplate

Kitchen, Refrigeration and Metal Fabrication
Kitchen, Refrigeration & Metal Fabrication
Signage and Graphics
Signage & Graphics
Signage and Graphics
Solar / Environmental