Biolink Adhesive Tape Technology

Biolink-Technology-ImageBiolink’s unique solvent free technology clearly differentiates us as an adhesive tape manufacturer.

Unique utilisation of “cutting edge” adhesive technology:

  • 100% Adhesive Mass (Prolink and Flexlink)
  • Extremely high product performance.
  • Ability to manufacture and design adhesive systems in-house.
  • Ability to exceed customeres expectations.
  • Possibilities to broaden the use of psa (vs. liquids,mechanical fixings etc.)
  • TQM, consistant, high quality (ISO 9001)
  • Innovative “solutions” approach to projects and problem solving.
  • High clarity coatings
  • 25 – 3000 micron deposition.
  • Very low energy consumption, environmentally friendly.
  • No solvent disposal required.
  • Low outgassing, low emmissivity products.
  • Versatile technology.
  • No shrinkage or solvent retention from finished material.
  • Ultra high resistance to all factors (UV, ageing, solvents, water, plasticisers)
  • High cohesive mass, no requirement for fillers.