Prolink 1000RS Tape Success

Prolink 1000RS is a 1mm thick Clear Ultra High Performance Tape with a Very High Temperature Tolerance. The tape was developed for a European Oven Manufacturer for bonding the glass panel to a powder coated frame on an oven door. This application requires the tape to withstand temperatures of around 200 C short term.

Over the past 2 -3 years we have successfully been supplying the Prolink 1000RS tape to Australian companies. The High Temperature Resistance of the tape allows the user to pre assemble a product with the tape before the powder coating process. This saves time and labour for the installer, which is ever important in Australian manufacturing to maximise production efficiency.

We have conducted tests locally where the tape bond is Exceptional after going through the Powder coating process at 200 C for 35 minutes.

We recommend to test specifically for your application. Contact Us today to request a sample of the Prolink 1000RS tape.

Prolink 1000RS

Prolink 1000RS


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